Mining & Metallurgy HSE Service Consulting

Mine safety challenges are more difficult in comparison to other hazardous sectors. Clients and its employees used to face more serious hazards and risks on this field of industry. WorldStarHSE helps to achieve your safety, quality and productivity goals with the competent and professional staff. Some of the services but not limited to are;

  • Bidder qualification evaluation
  • Contractor selection and Management
  • Site Safety Assessment monitoring and inspection
  • Development and implementation of Health, Safety & Environment System and processes
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Consultation
  • Exhaustive incident investigation and root-cause analysis and recovery
  • Five Star Occupational Health and safety Audit
  • Safety System Gap analyses review
  • Blasting safety for mining sites
  • Safe Maintenance Program Development and Improvement
  • Environmental Permit Management & Regulatory Applicability
  • HAZID and HAZOP studies
  • Explosives safety and security
  • Fatigue Management
  • Training of miners
  • Emergency response and contingency management
  • Canadian Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

Product safety compliance (MSDS and GHS SDS Preparation (Canada, USA), Canadian and USA Consumer Product Labeling (CCCR, CPSC), Canadian Supplier and Workplace Labeling (WHMIS))